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 I’m a Louis bag lover, lucky thrift flipper, drop down get your eagle on photographer (I get them angles), five star air fryer chef, vessel of the most useless trivial knowledge, fastest wig maker in the south, obsessive social media profile auditor, glam on a dime interior decorator.

Whoever said you had to be passionate about only one thing lied. You can be authentically me and still make a living while doing so. The second sweetest sound to my baby girl laughing would be the “cha-ching” sound going off in the background of life. 

Let me help you find your authentic voice, build a beautiful digital space that attracts your tribe and converts them in to loyal customers.

Desparate times call for desparte measures.


The “Go-To” Collection

Before you take those scissors and chop it off. I have a solutoin for you. I have hand picked my favorite styles that WERK for just about any occasion. Introducing the “Go-To” collection. Consider this unit your “GO-STYLE. That one style that always pops. That part that fits your face just right. That lenth that accentuates your features. That style that slays. No muss. No Fuss. Shop my favorite “GO-TO” styles.


The best 100% Virgin Hair Extensions

Find the texture that matches your personality!

Do you find yourself spending tons of money on weave only for it to be too much work? Get this, you’re probably getting the wrong kind of hair. Your hair needs go along with your lifestyle and personality. Get the most out of your investment and look fly at the same time. Find the weave that matches your personality!

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur

Work Life Balance

As a hairstylist, we devote so much time to the technique, client building, marketing, you name it. It was easy to “GO HARD”. Now add in a husband and a baby to the mix. With many ups and downs, it took awhile to find what works and what doesn’t. Now I’m pulling back the curtain. The good, the bad and the ugly.


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Gain a clients trust, they will come forever!

Gain a clients trust, they will come forever!

Early my career, I was a hustler. The only thing I was interested in was money. I was focused with getting as many clients as I could, in and out the door fast. I was unorganized, late all the times, canceling clients for the dumbest reasons. Sooner than later, my...

Family Vacation: The Good, The bad, and the Ugly

Family Vacation: The Good, The bad, and the Ugly

Growing up, my family vacations consisted of my grandmother, my aunt, my cousins and I piling in my grandmother's Honda Accord and trucking it down highway 64. A road trip which seemed like eternity, accompanied by a big box of...

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