HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR for darker complexions

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We see all over the web makeup tutorials for lighter complexions, I found it hard to find any that I could mimic correctly. Its already to find makeup that matches darker complexions, its even harder to figure out how to put it on. Highlighting and contouring is not a recent phenomena, it has been around for years. It is the art of light theory and optical illusion. Before one applies this technique, you should first understand what it means and why it is done.


HIGHLIGHT- To highlight, like with hair color, to apply a lighter color to an area you want to bring forward. Bring forward means to protrude, stick or stand out.


CONTOUR – To contour means to sculpt or chisel away, hide. By applying a darker color to certain areas, you create the appearance of a shadow, making that area disappear.


By placing the highlight and contour adjacent to each other, you create the optical allusion of making features stand out while others disappear simultaneously. The eye sees the highlight more then the contour. This technique gives you all the results of plastic surgery without the pain and permeant change. Features that you  want to tweak, plump, or change are as easy, well not so easy, as applying the right makeup to the right area.

THE 1, 2, AND 3S

  1. Pick a highlight color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural complexion.
  2. Pick a contour color that is 1-2 shades darker than your natural complexion
  3. Blend, blend and BLEND.

Now, locate your face shape. Jump on YOUTUBE. Find your favorite beauty blogger. Get a new pack of makeup wipes, and get to work! Practice makes perfect! Highlighting and Contouring can give you the perfect, polished face for that perfect selfie!


Happy Styling,

Meghann Monroe


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