Meghann Monroe

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Meghann Monroe is a master Hairstylist, specializing in extensions and precision cutting, and color. Her mission is that every woman should look and feel glamorous at all times. Life is but a stage, and every day, every moment is a chance to look your absolute best. You do not have to be a celebrity to Get Glam’d. Meghann Monroe is your Glamologist; a one stop shop for all things glam, from hair and makeup, to fashion and music.

Meghann Monroe found her purpose in life at a very early age. As a young girl, like many girls she loved dolls, makeup, and high heels. Her earliest memory of hairstyling was curling her Barbie doll’s hair with a real curling iron, leaving the plastic curl on the hot curling iron. That discovery led her on the path of a passion for hair. Hair became her main hustle through high school and college. Approaching the end of her college career, she realized that her natural ability to understand and style hair was her purpose on this Earth. “The priceless look on my client’s face once I turn them around and reveal that final look changed my life. In that moment, I knew that these hands have the ability to change lives. My hairstyles have the power to make a positive and lasting effect on the self-esteem in many women’s lives.”