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“Strong enough bear them children, then get back to business” -Beyonc√©

One of my biggest fears about working in my industry was having a baby. I was terrified, not of the act of giving birth, but taking a maternity leave. As a hairstylist and business owner, we don’t get Paid Time Off. If we don’t work, we don’t get paid. So I always had this fear of if I take off too long, will my clients come back.

Preparing for my leave took strategy and saving. It was key to line my clients up to where they wouldn’t need much from me in my absence.

Upon my return, I made it my duty to build up the hype, and promote, promote, promote! And to my surprise, most of my clients came back. In an industry so saturated, it’s hard to really see the value in your own work. I was utterly humbled. That was confirmation that fear is only temporary. Fear let’s you know that you are human. Shortly after you face the fear, you realize you can accomplish anything.

Working with baby

I’m not sure if I have accomplished balance at home and work yet but I definitely understand that all mothers superheroes. The pro of this industry is being able to control my schedule how I like. I can be with my daughter as much as I want, and still work as much as I need. Given, a hairstylist life is hard on the body and hard on family. It is essential to both my legacy and my family that I make it my business to transform my career in to more than just hair. There must be a life beyond the chair.


Happy Styling,

Meghann Monroe

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