EASY DO: Sleek, chic, and vintage

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Here at Get Glam’d, we don’t want you to only come to the salon to Get GLAM’D but to stay GLAM’D at home as well. We are bringing easy glamorous styles you can do at home. If you aren’t already familiar with these gorgeous cheekbones, meet #GETGLAMDBEAUTY, actress/screenwriter Tiffany Black (Tiffanysblack.com). She wow’d us with this simple, chic style and she gave us the deets on HOWTO!

All you need for this sleek bobby pin pony is:

Eco-styler gel

Colored bobby pins

Comb & Brush

Ponytail extensions (match your texture)


  1. Slick hair back into desired ponytail. We find natural hair is easy to handle while wet.
  2. Tie it down with a scarf or wrap.
  3. wrap around ponytail and secure.
  4. Add in bobby pins along hairline.
  5. Voila! C’est fini!

Tag us at #getglamdhair with your rendition of simple, chic, and vintage style!

Happy Styling!

Meghann Monroe

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