Lace Frontal: Go Glueless!

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As of now, hopefully you have read our previous post about the resurgence of Lace Frontals. A Lace Frontal is a 13 x 4 or 13 x 6 unit which replicates a natural hairline made of swiss lace and individual hand tied virgin hair strands. Until recently, this unit was applied using a glue adhesive or tape. In our industry, techniques are constantly changing. Now, we have the ability to apply the Lace Frontal without using adhesive. Let’s dig into the pro’s and con’s of a GLUELESS LACE FRONTAL!


  1. LESS MESS! – The lace glue can get pretty messy and sticky during the process of applying the frontal and throughout the duration of the installation. Now, without applying adhesive or tape, enjoy this installation without the worry of ill placed glue across your forehead.
  2. LET’S SWEAT! – With lace glue or tape, you had to avoid sweating, heat, and moisture to discourage the frontal from rising. The glueless installation allows you to live pretty much a normal life. You can work out or take hot showers because there is no adhesive to worry about!
  3. UNLIMITED VERSATILITY! – Frontals are great because they allow you to enjoy a full head of extensions and part your hair any way you please. Traditional sewin installations can get boring with the same part the whole time. Girls love options, we change our hair as much as we change our clothes. Glueless frontals are great because they are more durable than those applied with adhesive.
  4. LASTS LONGER! – Enjoy your frontal longer! A frontal with adhesive lasts 2 days to 2 weeks. The glueless frontal, if applied correctly can be adjusted as loosens or grows out, extending the duration to 4 to 9 weeks. The process of washing and cleaning the frontal is a lot easier and doesn’t take as much time.
  5. PROTECTION FOR EDGES! – The best reason to try a glueless frontal is protection for your edges! Glue and tape without a doubt damages the your fragile hair around your hairline. Those who over indulge in glue or tape get trapped into needing frontals due to severe damage and hair loss. A frontal should be an option, not a necessity. A glueless frontal is just that, GLUE-LESS! As a hairstylist, your natural hair is most important! We want to ensure your hair is growing and thriving through the use of extensions.

Now that we have discussed the pro’s, lets dig into the con’s!

1. SERVICE TIME- This service is quite tedious. The ventilation of the hairline and placement takes about 45 mins in itself. If choosing this service, be prepared to be there for awhile.

2. EXPENSIVE – The price of the unit itself may run anywhere from $100- $200. Given this application is rather new, the demand is high. Installation of a glueless frontal may run upwards of $400. This is definitely a luxury service.

Overall, glueless frontals seem to be pretty awesome. At Get Glam’d we are all for healthy options, and this one seems to be gentle on your hairline. Make sure the options you choose not only look good, but are good to your hair as well. Remember options should not become a necessity.

Research and find a stylist that can knock this GLUELESS FRONTAL out the park! And if you’re in the Atlanta area, book with us!



  1. Tarsha Hill

    September 18, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Do you offer classes on this glueless option?

    • admin

      September 25, 2016 at 10:07 pm

      yes, check out the page #monroetaughtme!

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