Meet Zaina, Get Glam’d Professional

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Get Glam’d Hair Salon & Store is happy to introduce its newest stylist, Zaina. Get to know this passionate and dedicated colorist from Virginia Beach!

GG: What is your earliest memory of hair?

Z: My earliest memory of hair is combing my grandmother’s hair when I was a little girl. She was half Cherokee Indian and according to the Cherokee; our hair is a physical manifestation of our thoughts. She would take the fallen hairs from the comb and burn them as a peace offering to God. I took from that moment that hair is a source of strength and confidence. 

GG: Wow, what a powerful memory! When did you decide to become a hairstylist?

Z: I realized I could braid in the 3rd grade. I practiced until I got really good. Then I started braiding all my friends hair. I took cosmetology in high school and I fell in love. My first job was as a colorist assistant. Those transformations changed my life. It confirmed that I could use my talent to make women happy and make a lot of money! 

GG: Nice! Describe your style as a hairstylist.

Z: Uptown Chic! I like fun colors and classic hair. I love experimenting with color, fire red and violets are my favorite hues when I’m not hand painting blondes.

GG: What is your specialty?

Z: Color. While it can be time consuming, the results are always satisfying. Its where science and creativity meet.

GG: Who do you admire in the hair industry?

Z: Kim Kimble. She took a blue collar job to a million dollar business. So many people say to me, “You’re too smart to do hair.” Kim Kimble is proof that this industry is way more than just doing hair. 

GG: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 things, what would they be?

Z: Water, music, and a book collection. 

GG: What is your favorite food?

Z: Seafood and pasta.

GG: What is your favorite color?

Z: Coral.

GG: What is your favorite TV show?

Z: Shameless! Its chaotic and crazy, but there is beauty in the struggle. 

If you are looking for color, Zaina is your girl. She’s an eager, bright, young stylist ready to take on this industry with integrity and technique. She hopes her classic style will stand out among the ever changing trends. She is humble and determined to make her clients happy. NOW BOOKING!



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