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Meghann Monroe is happy to offer custom wigs to add to your Hair Wardrobe! Wigs are a great protective style to invest in, whether you like to switch it up ofter or to hold you over in between weaves. All of our units are custom made on a sewing machine ensuring they last 10 times as long as hand sewn units. We exclusively use #GETGLAMDHAIR only and offer a variety of textures to choose from: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Choose the texture, length, density, color, cut and style.

To get started on your custom unit, fill out the following form to receive a quote. Payment plans are available, wig will not be completed or mailed until price is paid in full. Unit construction starts at $200, followed by cost of hair plus cost of color  if needed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for wig construction, 1-2 weeks for shipping. There is a rush option available for same week construction for an additional $175.

Wig Type:*
Wig Length:*


All hairs start at a level 2-4 natural brown. Please select natural brown if no color is needed. Price will vary depending on desired color level. To calculate the cost of color, add $25 per process per bundle/closure/frontal (B/C/F).  For example, Jet black all over requires 1 process per B/C/F, meaning each individual piece will cost $25 to color. Blonde with dark roots requires 5 process per B/C/F, meaning each individual piece will cost $125 to color. Funky colors require 3 processes. Pick from these color options! 

Base Color
Color Dimension:
Accent Color:
Bright Funky Color:


Face Frame:
Thank you for your submission! We will be in contact very shortly via email with your #MADEBYMONROE Custom Wig quote!

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