#WCE Christy Spence, owner of ElizabethL Events, event coordinator

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Meet Christy Spence, owner of ElizabethL Events. She is the “Handler.” When it comes to special occasions and events, it is HANDLED! This woman is extraordinary in negotiating, planning, and executing! She recently decided to venture into the realm of entrepreneurship and turn her passion in to her paycheck. At Get Glam’d, we are all about using the gifts bestowed upon us. That is why Christy Spence is our #WCE!
1. What do you do? 
   I turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences!  
2. Describe yourself using 3 adjectives.
     – Enthustiac 
     – Visual
     – Passionate
3. When did you realize your gift?
      I can remember in highschool when  anyone celebrated anything, I planned it from start to finish. It wasn’t  until  I was in college and I planned a suprise birthday party for my best friend.  It was a surprise party and though it was so simple there wasn’t a detail missed.  I will never forget  the look on her face as each element was revealed! At that moment I knew I was doing something that could impact the emotions of people! 
4. How did you get started?
    After my friends party I’ve always helped other people with different occassions, whether it was a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or just a meeting of the minds! I’m really excited because this year I am planning my 1st big “production’.  My business has been officially operating since February of 2015. I am proud to say, I own and operate ElizabethL and I treat each opportunity as a potential client. 
5. What is your take on the current state on your industry? Where do you want to see it go?
   The event planning industry is a huge industry. There is infinite potential for anyone who enters this field of work which also makes it very competitive.  Not only are you competing for contracts with other planning firms, there is a lot of competition with the internet. The internet has exposed people to so much information they are willing to do things themselves.  It is the “DIY” era.  But what I will say, people are spending more and more money to host events of the century! The internet exposure is what I am most excited about, the mor exposure the grandeur the events! I only want to see them get bigger and bigger and even more over the top!
6. Favorite song of the moment?
  -Rihanna Nothing is Promised
7. If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 things, what would they be? 
   – Body Oil (I can’t live without it and I would be miserable with dry skin)
   – #Herbinderproject daily devotional binder
   – Bottle of Jam Juice Wine (might as well make it a party!)
8. Best advice you have been given?
    You can’t be all things to all people, you have to decide on your target audience and cater to them.  
9. The best advice you would give you at 17?
    Take your time and enjoy life, find out who you truly are, and explore it! 
IMG_9251 Contact Christy Spence, ElizabethL Events for your next special occasion: engagement, birthday party, bridal/baby shower, wedding! She will supersede all of your wildest dreams! Email elizabethlevents@gmail.com.

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