Extensions Services

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Meghann Monroe provides a variety of extension options to meet your needs. While they mostly offer protection from heat and the elements, they can add instant glamor and variation to your wardrobe. With extensions, you may journey to great lengths by adding longer hair or short stories by cutting a bob with out damaging your natural hair. Want to try a different color? Extensions are an easy way to, without dying your own


Sew in extensions – Commercial or virgin wefts sewn to a braided network and net, lasts 9 weeks

Lace closure installation- a small unit applied to the hairline to protect what would have been leave out. All hair is braided up, lasts 4 weeks

Braidless extensions – Commercial or virgin wefts sewn to a network of silicone micro beads, all hair is exposed, lasts 5 to 7 weeks

Quick weave- Commercial or virgin wefts bonded to a cap and gro-protect solution, lasts 4 weeks



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