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Meet Victoria Bambo, wardrobe stylist, closet organizer, and overall lifestyle guru. Victoria represents everything Get Glam’d stands for, treating every woman as if they were a celebrity. She has a special eye for creating the perfect look for any occasion on any budget. Graduation, Dirty Thirty Birthday, Date Night, she can style you to bring out the best YOU! You don’t have to make celebrity money to GET GLAM’D!

GG: What do you do? 

VB: I am a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist. I also consider myself to be a beauty consultant; from helping my clients find the perfect hair stylist, make up artist, and outfit. Most importantly I help remind my clients of the inner beauty.

GG: Describe yourself using 3 adjectives.

VB: Inspiring, Caring, & Ambitious

GG: When did you realize your gift?

VB: I realized I had a gift for fashion in highschool. I took great pride in getting dressed everyday and although I didn’t have much to work with it I had to tap into my creative side to be able to switch basic pieces up enough times to look like I never wore the same thing. I walked into my gift of bringing the inner beauty out of other women my freshmen year of college.

GG: When did you get started?

VB: I started personal shopping in college. It started as something I just “did” because I had more patience than my friends. I actually enjoyed spending hours in the mall mix and matching looks. Once the word got out about how well I could deliver looks my clientele grew from there.

GG: How do you feel about the current state of your industry? Where do you see it going?

VB: The fashion industry is growing daily and the best part about it is personal style and confidence is what is selling. People want what other people are happy about ! I am so blessed to be able to take advantage of the growth and opportunities social media provides. I hope that thefashion industry continues to grow I’m the same direction. Not only allowing but glorifying people for being comfortable and confident and almost anything they decide to put on.

GG: What’s in your favorite song of the moment?

VB: My favorite song at the moment is Child’s Play–Drake

GG: If you were stranded on a remote desert island and could only take 3 things,what would they be?

VB: those three things would be: a journal to keep a clear mind, a camera to capture moments, and a book of quotes to stay sane.

GG: What’s the best advice someone has given you?

VB: The best advice I was ever given was “Not everyone will like you, some people don’t even like themselves, it is your responsibility to like you.

GG: What’s the best advice you would give a 17 year old you?

VB: “slow down baby girl… Real life isn’t going anywhere”

Victoria Bambo turned her passion for fashion into her pay check! We salute you as our #WCE, Woman Crush Everyday. Thanks for thinking outside the box and being an inspiration to girls and woman everywhere!

For all your styling needs, contact Victoria Bambo at @highranked_couture on instagram or email hrcdressme@gmail.com.



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