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My goal as a weave solution specialist is to figure out ways to make your life easier. One of my favorite hairstyles is Some Up and Some Down. So chic and flirty. With all that we have to deal with right now, the salon might not be an option. I took it even a step further, no skills needed. You don’t even have to know how to braid. Introducing… The Instant Up Down!

The Instant Up Down is a special made half unit and wrap around pony tail. With this set all you need to do is part your hair from ear to ear. Slick the front section up into a sleek pony tail, don’t forget those baby hairs. Next get your back section as flat as possible; braids work best but flat twist, plats, even a low ponytail in the back will work. Attach the back unit with the combs at the top of the inside of the unit and secure over the back section. Next wrap the Instant Wrap Around Pony around your top section pony tail. Tuck your own natural hair under and secure with pins. Voila! A bomb salon ready hairstyle in a matter of minutes!

It’s easy. It’s cute. It’s available now!

I'm Meghann Monroe

I'm Meghann Monroe

I’m a glamor girl from St. Louis, hair artist, blogger, glamor space curator with big dreams. I’m obsessed with shopping on Amazon and upscale Thai food. I’ve been living a glamorous life since 1985.

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Easy Hair 1-2-3

One of my favorite hairstyles is a some up some down. What if I promise you can do this yourself easy peasy! 


Have you checked the website? Ummmm 200 for tan sweatpants please. Monocrome neutrals is the wave. Look expensive with out the splurge. 

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The key to entrepreneurship is getting ish done by any means necessary. We have the tools to make it happen, now you just need the game plan. I have put together the resources you need to make it to the next level. You don’t have to do it alone, and guess what, for just a little bit of money, you start sailing like a pro.

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