If we haven’t learned one thing this year, convenience is the only way to go!

I know you have probably seen The Headband Wig before, and if you haven’t where have you been. I had to put my own twist on it. I absolutely love this unit! This wig will have you zoom ready in literally a matter of seconds. My goal is to make all commercial weave products protective and healthy. I use a velvet velcro band around the unit for safe and firm attachment. Each unit is made by me on a sewing machine, about 7-10 day turn around.

I found that the Headband products found online only had generic headbands. So what did I do? Create one! We now are offering handmade headbands of beautiful patterns and fabrics. These headbands can be worn with the unit or without. The colors are gorgeous: neutral tones, gemstone tones, animal prints! Denim and sweatshirt material coming soon!

I'm Meghann Monroe

I'm Meghann Monroe

I’m a glamor girl from St. Louis, hair artist, blogger, glamor space curator with big dreams. I’m obsessed with shopping on Amazon and upscale Thai food. I’ve been living a glamorous life since 1985.

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One of my favorite hairstyles is a some up some down. What if I promise you can do this yourself easy peasy! 


Have you checked the website? Ummmm 200 for tan sweatpants please. Monocrome neutrals is the wave. Look expensive with out the splurge. 

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When In Doubt, do it yourself

The key to entrepreneurship is getting ish done by any means necessary. We have the tools to make it happen, now you just need the game plan. I have put together the resources you need to make it to the next level. You don’t have to do it alone, and guess what, for just a little bit of money, you start sailing like a pro.

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