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Please read our salon guidelines and policies prior to booking your appointment!


Cancelation Policy

  • All appointment times are subject to change. Please be aware.

Things happen. Please make sure that your account has your update contact info. We are understanding and want to ensure communication is as easy possible both ways. Please alert us as soon as you can for any adjustments that need to be made to your appointment to avoid late cancellation fees.

  • DO NOT CALL THE (706) number that sends appointment updates. This is an automatic text message, you will get no response.
  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advanced. Failure to do so will result in a late cancellation fee of 30% of total service price. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We understand life happens. We require all clients cancel their appointments 2 days in advanced. We want to be fair to clients that may want to book the slot you are holding. The earlier you can adjust your booked slot, the more fair we can be to waiting clients and our salon professionals. Salon appointment totals are calculated a week in advanced. Failure to cancel your appointments within 48 hours will result of a fee of 30% off your total.”


Our calendar is available to make appointments and adjustments 24 hours a day. We want to be fair to our other clients and our salon professionals. Failure to call us and alert us upon your failure to attend your appointment will result of a charge of 50% of your total. We make an enthusiastic effort to be on time and prepared for your arrival. No call and no show is a sign of disrespect for our salon professionals and our clients.


  • For all questions concerning appointments, please book a consultation.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time to answer questions during business hours because we are busy on the salon floor. We do not answer in-depth questions via the social media. If you would like to ask questions about appointment details, purchasing hair, or anything else, please schedule the time to talk with your salon professional. A consultation is a short appointment where the salon professional can give you their undivided attention. We want to address your needs and concerns. If you are unable to have a consultation in person, please include in appointment notes that you are out of town and would like to FaceTime or skype; also include your contact information. All consultation prices go toward the booked appointment. 

  • If you require special needs due to hair loss or any other disability, please book a consultation.

We want to make sure we can address your needs. If you have special circumstances that require more attention than normal, please come in and talk to us. Before you make an appointment, let’s make sure we are well equipped to deal with what you need.

  • All sew in installations are done with a net. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We promote heathy hair first at Get Glam’d Hair Salon & Store. When installing sewin extensions, we always use a net at no extra cost to you. The net provides a barrier between your hair and the wefts. It also provides a nice and neat foundation for our extensions specialist to sew to. In order to ensure longevity and flatness, a net must be used. We aim to provide the best quality and that is why a net is non negotiable.

  • We WILL NOT INSTALL extensions previously CUT by another stylist. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We WILL NOT perform maintenance on extensions installed by another stylist. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

All stylists have their own way of doing things. Their system may not match with our system. We want to ensure the best quality possible. Cut wefts prove to be a difficult puzzle to put back together and that is why wefts cut by another stylist is non negotiable. Again each stylist has their own way of doing things. We can not ensure that we can perform maintenance on system other that is not our own. We want our clients to have a speedy and  smooth service appointment.

  • All services are a la cart and must be added at the time you book the appointment. Due to time, we may not add on extra services at the time of the appointment if it was not booked. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Read all the details to your service prior to booking. If you need an extra service that is not included with your selection, please add them on. We want to make sure your timing is correct for our schedules. If you do not see the service, please write a description of all that you need in the appointment notes and we will adjust the time and price according to your needs.

  • Sew In Specials do not include: wash, condition, cut of any kind: bob, layers, or curls.

Most our Sew In Specials are a la cart based. They are designed to give those an introduction to extensions. Please be aware that all other services needed beyond braiding, net, sewing in wefts, face frame cut and straight flat iron to only body wave or straight extensions. Straight flat iron to curly or textured extensions will be an extra charge.


Color is a very precious and precise skill. If you want a creative color that requires more than one process, it must be done 2 weeks in advanced. Often times one process may take a total of 2-4 hours. You can purchase your hair with us and have it delivered to the salon. Or if you are providing your own you may physically bring them in or mail them to us.

Get Glam’d Hair Salon and Store

3664 Highlands Parkway SE

Smyrna GA 30082

  • If you do not see a service listed on the menu, it is not a service we currently offers.

There are many hip and creative trends on the market. Unfortunately we do not offer them all. Before you book an appointment that may seem similar to what it is your looking for, book a consultation to see if we can exactly produce what you want. We stand behind our skills and do want to give you false hope of giving you a style that we have not mastered. If you have any questions or concerns, please book a consultation.

Meet the Stylist

Meghann Monroe

Meghann Monroe

Owner, Extension Expert

Meghann Monroe is a master Hairstylist, specializing in extensions and precision cutting, and color. Her mission is that every woman should look and feel glamorous at all times.

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Specialty: Extensions, Microlinks, Wig Construstion

3 Words to Describe your style: Glamorous, Classic, and Va-va-voom

Favorite Food: Upscale Thai

Song on your itunes right now: Savage by Megan thee Stallion


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