This is unprecedented for sure…

Life all of a sudden has been turn upside down.

While we underestimated the levity of this situation, I want to ensure you that we at Get Glam’d Hair Salon & Store are here for you.

In many ways, our lives have come to a halt. I know there are many things left unknown and uncertain. We pray that you remain safe and optimistic.

As we adjust to what seems to be a new normal for awhile we still must find a way to keep going. During this time, we can control our sense of self and appearance. Mentally, we all have been shaken, but if you’re anything like me, my hair can be a step towards the right direction.

As you continue to fight the good fight, you are in my heart, mind, prayers. Don’t forget to breathe deep and don’t forget the sun. Take moments to rest and don’t forget who you are.

We certainly miss our fun times in the salon; watching the latest Netflix show and discussing the latest social news. And boy do these hands miss your head. I believe deep down we needed this rest which is why we are here to help you from a far. We dropped some gems below for you and your hair!



Make this a Self Care Moment! Grab your favorite robe, a hair towel, pour some wine and light some candles!

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Let’s exfoliate! Exfoliation is essential for all of our skin to get rid of dead cells that block our pores which lead ingrown hairs, oil buildup, even acne. This is a really refreshing way to cleanse your scalp. Combine really large granulated sugar, fresh lemon juice, and a few drops of peppermint oil. Take a scoop in your fingers. Rub gently in small circles in small sections of your scalp until you have done it all. Continue to massage for a few minutes. Rinse until all the sugar is gone. Follow with your favorite shampoo.

Repair! This mask is great for overall hair repair and restoration. Combine apple cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, 2 bananas, and 3 egg whites. Whip until its nice and creamy. Apply to your freshly washed hair. Be generous. Cover with a processing cap for 30 min. Rinse.

 Hydrate. Just like your body, your hair gets thirsty. When its dry, it will break. This tip is great if you don’t have a steamer at home. Wet a small towel or twistie turbie. Fold it in half and roll it up. Put the wet rolled up towel in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Use tongs to remove from microwave. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Wrap your hair with the steaming hot towel. Leave your hair wrapped for about 10 min or until towel cools. Your hair will definitely thank you!

This virus has taken the entire world by storm. I pray everyone remains safe and we survive this time. Through this storm, as we are required to stay home, let’s take the opportunity to take a break. Everyday we wake up with so much to do, when was the last time we just sat still. Secretly we need this. Your scalp needed this. I hope you use these tips help make a nice self care moment for yourself.



I'm Meghann Monroe

I'm Meghann Monroe

I’m a glamor girl from St. Louis, hair artist, blogger, glamor space curator with big dreams. I’m obsessed with shopping on Amazon and upscale Thai food. I’ve been living a glamorous life since 1985.

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