Monochromatic Magic: Yeezy Chic for Cheap

Apr 7, 2020

One of my absolute favorite go-to looks it Yeezy Season…. ummm whatever lol. It combines 3 of my favorites style elements: comfy, sexy, and MONOCHROMATIC. But have you checked his website? Those prices are outrageous. No way am I spending $200 for a pair of nude sweats. Let me show you how to create this look for less.

First things first. What is MONOCHROMATIC? Monochromatic is defined as having or consisting of the same hue. The key is that every piece of this style consists of the same color or in the same color family, head to toe. Monochromatic looks create instant luxury. Take your look up a notch by choosing items with varying textures of the same hue. Honey, you will look RICH.

Next, the shape. Yeezy knows a woman’s body okay. It’s a very subtle sexy. He uses dimension to create sexy shapes. The formulas consist of:

  • tight fitted on the top, slightly oversized on the bottom. This creates the illusion of a curvier figure with a smaller waist.
  • oversized square on top, tight fitted on the bottom. This look allow for wearing something short without showing too much
  • oversized crop on top, oversized baggy on the bottom. The crop on top creates an hourglass shape

Shoes always complete the look. They will make or break the message of luxury. Unless you really know how to find bargains, I tend to suggest you splurge on bags and shoes. They are like armor covering your whole look with glamor. Good shoes and good bags will take you really far. A really great trend that is a staple in my closets is CLEAR PVC SHOES. Clear shoes are essentially neutral. They go with anything.

Pro-Tip– When searching for clear shoes, choose neutral or clear soles.

Get your Clear Chunky heels here.

I am a consummate Bargain shopper. I literally will shop anywhere and FIND exactly what I need to turn a look. To create this Yeezy Monochrome look I’m not looking to spend more than $15-20 per item. Lets recreate these super cute looks

Pro-Tip: I prefer men’s clothes. The have just the right fit. Many women’s clothes are too tight.

Now time to shop!

meghann monroe influencer atlanta blogger instagram ootd hair makeup salon diy

The next thing to consider while creating this look is TONE. Yeezy did not create neutral or nude, but he definitely made it trend. Neutrals are in. Any tone works with this look, but I especially love Neutrals: tan, nude, heather, olive, seafoam, light pink. I am medium to dark brown. When choosing tones on my self, I like to choose CONTRASTING colors that make my skin tone really pop. So I wear a lot of white and light colors. Against my skin, there is a sharp change in color highlighting my skin. I prefer to stay away from dark colors, that would make everything blur together and I would disappear.

pintrest joggers chic ootd meghann monroe instagram influencer blogger



Here is my version of MONOCHROMATIC MAGIC: Yeezy Chic. I love a warm, peachy, nude. It really brings out the warmth of my skin. This look goes crazy every single time. The girls gag! I get so many compliments. I’ve had people ask me if it really was Yeezy!

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That concludes this Style File for now. I hope you try this look. It’s easy, it’s cheap, most importantly, it SLAYS! Please tag me @meghann_monroe on Insta so I can see your looks.

Happy Styling,


I'm Meghann Monroe

I'm Meghann Monroe

I’m a glamor girl from St. Louis, hair artist, bloggers, glamor space curator with big dreams. I’m obsessed with shopping on Amazon and upscale Thai food. I’ve been living a glamorous life since 1985.

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