Tis the season to slay!

Whether you are using on GetGlam’dHair or your own hair, this is my list of products that I use on myself and clients. Order simply by clicking on the pic and adding to cart!

  1. Shine Jam may be my most favorite and most used product of 2020. Baby this is the best of all worlds! Edge control, check! Slick, check! Shiny, check! I used to stan for ECO styler in the green jar. Shine Jam booted that right out of the way. If you want a professional looking ponytail or half up/half down, this is the perfect product! Love this stuff!

2. Got2B Glue Black is next. This is how you seal the deal! If you want your slick style to last, use this. A little goes a long way. Now this is for a style you want to keep longer than 2 days. If you want to brush it out, it will flake. I love this product on my edges as they will often curl up or frizz. This one dries clear and lasts as long as you tie your style down.

3. Guess who’s back! JERRY CURL JUICE baby! Lol! But seriously! Luster’s Curl Activator is the curly product trending right now! This gel hyper defines each curl and actually prevents SHRINKAGE in conjunction with the right tools! I most definitely recommend for curly styles!

4. Next would be Cantu Leave In Conditioning Cream. This is an absolute staple! Curly styles can leave your hair dry and brittle so you must moisturize and condition. A little goes a long way, so do not use too much! I use this in conjunction with other products.

5. This is apart of the Holy Grail of Curly products: Cantu Curling Cream! This makes your hair sooo soft. It provides balance to the defining components so it’s not so hard. Love this stuff! I have used this product alone and it makes your curls so soft without making them too greasy or frizzy!

6. Another curly staple is Cantu Texture Defining Gel. For curly styles, I am ANTI-FRIZZ! A little of this goes a long way. Its all about finding the perfect combo to define those curls, prevent shrinkage, while keeping your hair healthy and soft!

7. My recommendation for Shampoo and Conditioner would be Organix Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen. The most important thing for me when picking shampoo and conditioner is how my hair feels after, no residue, bouncy, and smells great.

8. My clients always ask “How do I get my hair to grow?” They already know what I am going to say… WATER, fruit, and vitamins. Then, I suggest Wild Growth Oil! This stuff really works but with all health regiments, you must be consistent. This stuff DOES work but beware, it is very oily and the smell is very strong. This must be used at least twice a week.

9. Another favorite, die hard fave, is ION DETANGLING SHINE MIST. I use this stuff for everything, mostly as a working spray. It detangles and hydrates your hair without a greasy residue. It smells DIVINE! I use it on wet or dry hair. It is a must have.

10. Who has been through all the edge controls only to be left on sticky, icky, and white! Ew! Well I have found the diamond in the rough! IBIN 24 Edge Tamer. I love this stuff. Its not too greasy, dries nice and shiny. My edges seem resistant to just about everything but this one here. This one is absolutely here to stay!

11. Its all about the aesthetic! Every curly girl needs a Water Bottle. This isn’t just any water bottle. It’s a MISTer and its super cute. Mix all your fave products with water to keep your curls popping with this!

12. An absolute must have for HEALTHY HAIR is a STEAMER. Hydration is an absolute must. This At Home Steamer will get you all the way together!

13. I don’t know about you but my self care is super important. I pamper myself with all of the things. Add this super cute MICROFIBER SPA HEADBAND to your things. It great for your edges and keeps them from getting wet while you wash your face or getting makeup on them. I have some many of these things.

14. These TWISTY TURBANS are sooo convenient. I literally have a shelf in the closet of these! Just collect them. Thank me later!

15. Keep your wigs together with these WIG STANDS. Save yourself the time and money by saving the style. When you are done with the wig, hang them up!

16. One of the main concerns I hear from clients is they refuse to wear their natural curls because of shrinkage. I follow up with do you use a diffuser. The answer is always no. Lock those curls in place with a DIFFUSER attachment. Like what are you even doing without one. The technology is safe for low heat but drying your curls. They lock in all the products and define each curl without the frizz. They also boost the volume.

17. One of the most important skills in a hairstylist magic box is a mold. A good mold will set up any style for success. Molds are super important for wigs. You can get by many times with just a mold to get it back super flat and smooth. My favorite molding foam is TROPICAL ROOTS FOAM. It dries firm without the flaking. This foam is also great for textured styles like flexi rods or silcone rollers.

18. No mold is complete with out study WRAP STRIPS. Another secret is you gotta get the right kind. The wrong strips will break when wet or leave residue or pieces of paper in your hair. The MEGA WRAP IT STRIPS are a staple in my station.

19. The 90’s and 00’s were all about the oil sheen baby! Who remembers that! Well, shine is still super important without the grease. I look for products that give my styles the right amount of sheen but doesn’t leave any residue to jeopardize the bounce. Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine is my go-to. A little bit goes a long way. I use on all kinds of styles: slick, silk press, weave, curls. Its bomb and smell heavenly.

20. Lastly, one thing I use all the time myself is a Hooded Dryer Attachment. Its getting cold outside and going to sleep with a wet head is an absolute no-no! This attachment transforms your ordinary blow drying into a salon dryer. Make sure you keep it on a NON-FLAMMABLE surface while in use. This one even comes with a few extras.

I'm Meghann Monroe

I'm Meghann Monroe

I’m a glamor girl from St. Louis, hair artist, blogger, glamor space curator with big dreams. I’m obsessed with shopping on Amazon and upscale Thai food. I’ve been living a glamorous life since 1985.

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